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About Us

Credit Line Express connects aspiring entrepreneurs with up to $200,00 in financing.

By streamlining the application process, we help you gain access to the capital you need—and fast. We take great pride in lifting entrepreneurs up when the banks too often try to kick them down.

Looking to start up a high risk venture?

No problem.
Our Mission
Credit Line Express empowers all types of entrepreneurs with good credit and great ideas to bring their visions to life.
With 48% of the workforce employed by small businesses, Credit Line Express understands what an essential piece small business plays in the American economy.

Trust in us to find you the capital you need, and we'll trust in you to keep our economy strong.
Our Specialties
Startup Funding
We take away the worries and the stress of getting the initial funding for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own path to success and glory for the future and with a good credit score, you can secure a loan of up to $200k!
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